Master pin gauges

Master pin gauges have better tolerance, circularity, diameter variation and surface roughness compared to conventional gauges.

Former standard Master pingauge
Tolerance ±1μm ±0.5μm
Roundness 0.8μm 0.3μm
Cylindricity 0.8μm 0.15μm
Roughness 0.20μmRa 0.05μmRa
  *Individual gauges with φ10 smaller diameter can all be used as master pin gauges .
Set Range (mm) Length (mm) Step Tolerance Cylindricity Roundness Roughness HRC Hardness
0.20… 0.99 40 0.001 ±0.5 μm 0.3 μm 0.15 μm 0.05 mRa 58 or more
1.00… 10.00 50





● Provided with measurement data

In offering our customers safety and trust, measurement data of all master pin gauges are engraved on the case.





● Micron-accurate measurement of inside diameter is possible!

Master Pingauge Master Pingauge Master Pingauge Master Pingauge

Insert pin gauges sequentially from the smallest diameter and choose the best fit.





● Also, usable as a perfect master gauge for laser scan micrometer.

Roundness 0.3μm
Cylindricity 0.15μm
Roughness 0.05μmRa

Our standard pin gauges (EP, ECP, and EX) with improved tolerances, roundness, cylindricity, and surface roughness for use as high-precision master gauges!