SS Series

Packages of pin gauges with a storage cabinet (pin gauge set with steel storage case)

Explanation about series
SS Series

SS series (pin gauge set with steel storage case)

  • This sturdy cabinet is ideal for use at manufacturing sites.


Please refer to the EP for information on accuracy and other specifications.

The class 0 pin gauges are provided with measurement data.

SS Series

Can handle small and large hexagonal plastic cases when used in combination. External dimensions are W500xD550xH600 and the weight is approximately 37kg.



Details of series
Set No. Step (mm) Set
Size (mm)
of pins
Class0 Price Class1 Price
SS-981 0.01 mm 0.20 0.21 … 9.99 10.00 981 1,008,000 905,000
SS-1001 0.005 mm 1.000 1.005 … 5.995 6.000 1001 993,000 767,000
  • ※Stackers also sold individually.