Features of ceramics and tungsten carbide

●Features of ceramics

  • Eisen's ceramics pin gauges are made of zirconia instead of aluminum. The linear expansion characteristics of zirconia are close to steel, and the high density zirconia is not easily broken or chipped.
  • Rust-free. Requires only simple maintenance.
  • Not affected by chemicals.

●Features of Tungsten Carbide

  • High wear resistance and long lifetime.
  • High precision measurement is possible without being affected by temperature thanks to a low linear expansion coefficient.



●Comparison of materials

Material   Ceramics (Zirconia)   Tungsten Carbide   Carbon Steel  
Hardness(HRA) 89 90.6 84 or less
Linear coefficient of expansion
11.0 5.5 11.5


●Features of ceramics and tungsten carbide

What are good about Tungsten Carbide and ceramics?