Metal-Bond tool

Features of Metal-Bond tool

This tool is made from mefalic powder and diamond (CBN) grains by sintering.







Retentivity of abrasive grain is strong, and high wear resistance. Self sharpning (abrasive grain worn out drops and generate new abrasive grain) keeps steady sharpness.


Wide variety

We propose the specifications best suited for our customers' processing conditions and work materials

EISEN has prepared many types Diamond CBN abrasive grain which have features such as long-life and high-efficiency.

By changing concentration, can change hardness of grinder …
Concentration volume ratio indicating diamond CBN abrasive grains in abrasive grains layer.

By combining various metals such as Cobalt (Co), iron (Fe), tungsten (W), base of copper (Cu), tin (Sn), we can propose the specifications best suited for our customers' processing conditions and work materials.





Quick delivery

The integrated manufacturing system has realized the innovative quick delivery (the shortest delivery time is 7 hours).