EMC Series

Pin gauge package for calibrating micrometers

Explanation about series
EMC Series
  • ※The photo shows a package containing EMC-1-10 and EMC-2-4.

This series is used to correct micrometer instrumental errors, spindle screw feed errors (example 1), and the parallelism and plane for each 1/4 rotation of spindles and anvils (example 2). The pin gauges have heat-insulation handles, which prevent body heat from affecting performance and can be used in-house to calibrate micrometers and calipers in order to acquire and maintain ISO-9000 accreditation.


Set Rangemm Length mm Tolerance Roundness/Cylindricity HRC Hardness
2.5~10.0 20 ±0.3μm 0.3μm 58 or more
15.0~25.37 ±0.5μm 0.5μm





Details of series
Set No. Set Rangemm No.of Pins Price(Yen)
EMC-1-10 2.50 5.00 5.12 5.25
5.37 5.50 10.00 15.00
20.00 25.00
10 30,000
EMC-2- 4 25.00 25.12 25.25 25.37 4 30,000

This product comes with measurement data, calibration certificates and traceability system diagrams as standard.


Example 1

Measuring micrometer instrumental errors and spindle screw feed errors.

Micrometer instrumental errors can be corrected by measuring 2.50mm,5.00mm, 10.00mm, 15.00mm, 20.00mm and 25.00mm for comparison with actual measured values.


Example 2

Checking the parallelism and plane for each 1/4 spindle and anvil rotation.