RP Series

Ceramic Plug Gauge (Zirconia)

Explanation about series
RP Series
  • ※The gauge tolerances are sufficiently accurate to comply with level IT2 of the JIS.  If you need higher accuracy, please consult us.




Set Range(mm) Tolerance Roundness/Cylindricity
0.20… 25.00 It applies to JIS B7420.


φD mm Hex Size (mm) L1/L2 mm Dimensions
0.20… 1.00 5 20 Type I
1.00… 4.00 10 30 Type II
4.00… 6.00
6.00… 25.00 15 TYpe III



Details of series

The RP series offers interchangeable go / no-go plug gauges made of ceramic (zirconia). When pin gauges of frequently used sizes must be replaced due to wear, or when special sizes are required, only the necessary gauges need to be purchased, while the same handles can continued to be used. This series offers cost-effective go / no-go plug gauges. ※Fixed type for diameters of φ3 and smaller.

Example of pug gauge application for making acceptance judgments

  • The item is accepted if the go pin gauge passes through and the no-go pin gauge cannot pass through.

H7 Tolerance Settings

φD mm Tolerance
For H7
Go No-go
0.2 or more… 3 or less +2.5μm
+ 9μm
3 over … 6 or less +3.2μm
6 over … 10 or less +3.2μm
10 over … 18 or less +4.0μm
18 over … 25 or less +5.0μm
  • ※The plug gauge tolerance conforms to JIS B 7420 limit plug gauge.
  • ※Other special sizes are also available.