PL Series

Exchangeable plug gauge

Explanation about series
PL1 Series




Set Range(mm) Tolerance Roundness/Cylindricity HRC Hardness
0.20… 20.00 It applies to the use pin gauge accuracy. 58 or more


φD1,φD2 mm Hex Size (mm) L1/L2 mm Dimensions
0.20… 1.00 5 20 TYpe I
1.00… 20.00 10~27 30 Type II
  • ※ The above size includes the single-ended pin vise.



Details of series

Tips for Using these Pin Gauges

  • Pin gauges ranging from φ 0.20 to φ 10.00 in 0.001 increments are available as standard stock!   This series correspond to every tolerance up to φ10. Affordable! Quick delivery!   Plug gauges can be easily created by combining the standard pin gauges.
  • The use of these pin gauges allows for quick delivery and low prices.
  • Economic 'replacement type gauges.
  • Can provide a stable supply of high precision gauges, such as those with an outside diameter tolerance of ±0.3μm. Long gauges can be attached for the measurement of deep holes.
  • Pin gauges ranging from 1mm to 5mm sizes in 1mm increments are available as standard plug gauges for H7. Also, the go-side gauges that tend to become worn under the above conditions can be replaced with wear-resistant materials such as ceramics and super hard alloys.


Size (mm) Hex Size (mm) L1/L2 (mm) Tolerance
0.20… 1.00 5 20 ±0.5μm
1.00… 4.00 10 30
4.00… 7.00 13
7.00… 10.00 17
10.00… 11.00 ±1.5μm
11.00… 15.00 21
15.00… 20.00 27