SRZ Series

Ceramics thread ring gauge For metric threads

Explanation about series
SRZ Series


  • Tool life 5 to 10 times greater than steel made thread gauge.
  • ※Tool life will be greatiy depending on the work piece materials.
  • ※ Thread ring gauges other than the standard stock items can also be produced.

Thread Ring Gauge with Guide

  • Thread Ring Gauge with Aluminum Outer Ring. Outer Ring is to have function of Guide Ring when measure with Thread Ring Gauge. When insert work-piece to Gauge, inner diameter of this ring prevent falling down or galling of work piece. No skill is in need to inspection work and create much improvement of working efficiency.
  • ※Recommend to use when total inspection is required, as convenience on inspection process should be much improved.
  • ※Prevent any damage when drop the gauge to floor, as this ring work as protection ring.
  • ※Not slippery and no glove use improve working efficiency very much.



Details of series
Type of thread Pitch Type of gauge Class
M3 0.5 coarse GR/IR
(for JIS inspection)

(for JIS work)


(JIS class)

(ISO class)
M4 0.7 coarse
M5 0.8 coarse
M6 1.0 coarse
M7 1.0 coarse
M8 1.25 coarse
M8 1.0 fine
M10 1.5 coarse
M10 1.25 fine
M10 1.0 fine
M12 1.75 coarse
M12 1.5 fine
M12 1.25 fine
M14 2.0 coarse
M14 1.5 fine
M14 1.25 fine
M14 1.0 fine
M15 1.5 fine
M16 2.0 coarse
M16 1.5 fine
M17 1.5 fine
M17 1.0 fine
M18 2.5 coarse
M18 2.0 fine
M18 1.5 fine
M18 1.0 fine
M20 2.5 coarse
M20 2.0 fine
M20 1.5 fine
M20 1.0 fine
M22 2.5 coarse
M22 2.0 fine
M22 1.5 fine
M22 1.0 fine
  • ※ Other specifications are also available (effective diameter can be changed for fine,extra-fine,unified,helicert specfications and pre-plating sections).