SPZ Series

For metric threads Thread plug gauge made of ceramics

Explanation about series
SPZ Series


  • Ceramics used only for frequently used g o-side g auges.No go-side gauges with excellent wear resistance and low prices achieved by using the conventional SKS3 steel materials.
  • Tool life 5 to 10 times greater than that for similar gauges made from steel.
  • ※Tool life will vary greatly depending on the work piece materials.
  • ※Thread plug gauges other than the standard stock items can also be produced.



Details of series
Type of thread Pitch Type of gauge Class
M1.4 0.3 coarse GPIP (for JIS inspection)
GPWP (for JIS work)

Ⅱ (JISClass)

6H (ISOClass)
M1.6 0.35 coarse
M1.7 0.35 coarse
M1.8 0.35 coarse
M2 0.4 coarse
M2.3 0.4 coarse
M2.5 0.45 coarse
M2.6 0.45 coarse
M3 0.5 coarse
M4 0.7 coarse
M5 0.8 coarse
M6 1.0 coarse
M8 1.25 coarse
M8 1.0 fine
M10 1.5 coarse
M10 1.25 fine
M10 1.0 fine
M12 1.75 coarse
M12 1.5 fine
M12 1.25 fine
  • ※Other special sizes are also available.