Features of PCD/PCBN cutting tool/wear-resistant part

PCD/PCBN cutting tool/wear-resistant part

This tool has a polished tip and is made by brazing material created by sintering the diamond (CBN) grains with a binder (metal, ceramics) with high temperatures and high pressure (1200C or more, 40,000 to 60,000hPa) onto a metal core.

Diamond sintered bodies and CBN sintered bodies

Lathe processing of aluminum




PCD/PCBN and Work Materials

●Polycrystalline diamond tool - PCD (ED)

By adopting PCD for the edge, this tool is very effective for the cutting of nonferrous metals (aluminum, copper, biscuit-bake ceramic, carbon, MMC, CFRP) and plastic.Part life can be extended by using this tool for slicing surfaces.


  • Long-life ; 10 to 50 times compared with the tungsten carbide.
  • Roughness ; Nearly mirror finished surface processing that cannot be realized by the tungsten carbide

Kind of PCD Knoop hardness [kg/l] Grain size μ Features Workpiece material and application
ED-1 6500

0.5 ~ 1 High fracture-resistance. Can obtain good finished surface accuracy. Plastic (acrylic) Aluminum [interrupted cutting]
ED-5 2 ~ 5 Superior wear resistance. Can obtain good finished surface accuracy. Aluminum Copper
ED-10 10 Good all-around tool for general cutting. Aluminum Copper
ED-25 25 Strong cohesion between grains provides superior wear resistance High-silicon aluminum Carbon, biscuit-bake ceramic
ED-50 ~ 50 Superior wear-resistance and fracture-resistance MMC CFRP




●Polycrystalline cubic boron nitride - PCBN (EB)

By adopting PCBN for the edge, this tool is more effective in cutting hardened steel, cast iron and heat-resistant alloys than tools made with conventional materials.


  • Can cut hardened steel and hard cast iron that in the past could only be cut with the help of grinding.
  • Realizes faster cutting speeds and longer tool life, compared to cermet and tungsten carbide, for cutting cast iron (FC, FCD) and ferrous sintered metals such as valve seats (VSR).
  • Allows for the cutting of high-speed steel, hard cast iron and heat-resistant alloys such as Inconel and Stellite.

Kind of PCBN Knoop hardness [kg/l] Grain size μ Content of CBN / Binder Workpiece material and application
EB-10 3500

2 Content of CBN90% Metal binder Gray cast iron Heat-resistant alloy 
[Interrupted cutting that generates heat]
EB-20 2 Content of CBN90% Titanium binder Hard cast iron Ferrous sintered metal
 [Heavy interrupted cutting]
EB-30 2 Content of CBN70% Titanium nitride binder Hardened steel
[Continuous, interrupted finish cutting]
EB-40 2 Content of CBN50% Titanium nitride binder Hardened steel
[Heavy interrupted cutting]
EB-50 4 Content of CBN75% Titanium binder Ferrous sintered metal
[Continuous cutting]





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