Single-crystal diamond tool

Features of single crystal diamond tool

Single-crystal diamond tools allow for surface processing with mirror-finished surfaces (photoconductive drums, acrylics) and fine-groove processing (holograms, diffraction grating, lens sheet dies) using nanometer-class sharp edges. Synthetic single-crystal diamonds are used in EISEN tools.

Synthetic single-crystal diamond

Single-diamond cutter → Example of miller-like finishing of acrylic product




Characteristics of artificial single crystal diamond

  • Tool manufacturing quality is stable because the crystal orientation is fixed (100 faces).
    Can support wear registance orientation (110 face).Please contact us.
  • Quality is stable as crystals are grown under an industrially controlled environment (the quality of natural diamonds varies depending on the location where they are produced).
  • Stable diamond provision that is not impacted by political unrest.





Single-diamond special processing machine