IW Series

Electroplated tool Electroplated wheel

Explanation about series
IW Series

We can provide intricately shaped, high-quality wheels with short delivery dates and low prices.
These wheels can be used for the tooling of conventional abrasive wheels and the form grinding process

Available Manufacturing Range

Product Number DiameterφD
IWD(diamond)/IWB(CBN)For cutting ~450
IWD(diamond)/IWB(CBN)For grooving ~450
IWD(diamond)/IWB(CBN)For forming ~350
  • ※Please contact for information about other sizes.

IW series for cutting

Difficult-to-machine materials such as ceramics, tungsten carbides, cast iron, and hardened steel can be cut efficiently with a high degree of accuracy.

IW series for grooving

Provides processing with almost no edge deformation.

Cutting of ceramics
  • Cutting of ceramics
Grooving of special pin
  • Grooving of special pin

IW series for forming

Accurate and stable finishing for mass production that can handle intricate shapes with almost no deformation.

Forming of carbon
  • Forming of carbon