IL Series

Electroplated tool Electroplated drill Deep hole drilling type

Explanation about series
IL Series
  • IL series are special order items.
  • This series is perfect for small-diameter, deep-hole drilling. It can process holes with lengths that cannot be processed by existing tools. Please contact us for further information on tool usage and processing conditions.

Available Manufacturing Range

Product Number Product Name Diameter Length
ILD Pipe tool for deep hole processing 1.0~6.0 ~200
  • ※Please contact for information about other sizes.
Processing Examples

Processing Conditions

  • Diameter of tool :φ3.5(Diamond#80)
  • Revolution speed:6500rpm
  • Feed:2mm/min
  • Step:0.2mm
  • Machine: Machining center
  • Workpiece material:alumina(AI203)
  • Depth of hole:160mm